Aich, Menzel & Company Dolls – History, Information

Aich, Menzel & Company dolls once known as Porzellanfabrik Aich was founded in Aich, Bohemia, later to become Czechoslovakia. They were founded in 1848 by A.C. Anger and existed until 1930.

Documents show M.J. Moehling was the owner in the late 1800’s and in 1918, when they first started making doll heads, they were officially known as Aich, Menzel & Company. Through the years, the company changed ownership many times.

The marks on the Menzel dolls have been very confusing to collectors. The “AeM Austria” or “A&M Austria” is mistakenly referred to as Austria’s AM or Armand Marseille. Armand Marseille dolls have no “&” ampersand between the first and last name and his factory was in Germany, not Austria.

There is also a “1904” mark that is the mold number but is often mistaken for the year the doll was manufactured. Another mark is “Eduardo Juan” that many believe is for one of the many owners, Eduard Wolf.

Aich, Menzel & Company dolls ranged in sizes from 14″ – 24″.
Dolly Face –
Bisque socket head
Jointed composition body
Glass eyes
Painted lashes
Stenciled or single stroke brows
Open mouth
Typically marked “1904 AeM/Made in Austria” or “Eduardo Juan/Made in Austria.”

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