Alf Dolls – History, Information

Alf (for Alien Life Form) was a character on the television show Alf that ran on NBC from 1986 to 1990. Alf, real name Gordan Shumway, was a friendly alien that crash landed from his home planet of Melmac, into the garage of the Tanner family.

There were a number of Alf dolls produced including:
Funko Wacky Wobbler bobble dead doll

Alf the Alien plush stuffed doll, 18 inches from Coleco in 1986.

Alf clip on dolls

Alf hand puppets, 9 or 11 inches.
One wore a red jersey and hat with the jersey saying Orbiters on it. The tag is dated 1988 – Alien Productions
Born To Rock hand puppet

Nanco Hawaiian Alf The Alien 9 inch plush doll from 2002

Alf plush doll, 13 inches, that has a shirt saying – I’m a Genius among Idiots.

Vintage Baseball Alf hand puppet doll from Burger King from 1988. 12 inches tall.

Vintage plush Alf doll that said “No Problem” on the shirt

Alf 11 inch cooking puppet plush doll

Alf 7 inch plush doll in collar and tie from Applause

Tags on the dolls usually will have the year and Alien Productions.

Typical Alf dolls had orange, rust colored or burnt sienna fur, long rippled snout, bushy eyebrows and warts.

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