Bahr & Proschild Dolls – History, Information

Bahr & Proschild is a company that was located in Ohrdruf, Germany, which produced German dolls from 1871 – 1930. They also produced doll heads for other companies like Kley & Hahn. Bahr & Proschild were mainly known for their children character dolls and dolly-faced dolls.

Most dolls have bisque socket heads. Baby and toddler dolls have 5 piece jointed bodies. Most hair is either human hair or mohair.

Some popular Bahr & Proschild dolls include:
Baby Character 585, 620, 624
Child Character 592
Toddler Character 585, 604, 678
Child 201, 204, 224,246, 340
Native American 244

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