Door Of Hope Dolls – History, Information

Door Of Hope Dolls were made by poverty stricken and rescued slave girls in a missionary school in Shanghai, China, from 1901 until the late 1940’s.

The dolls clothing was handmade and very detailed, with embroidery done by hand. The dolls themselves were made from finely carved pear wood and carved by Chinese wood carvers from outside the mission. The clothing represented various classes of people living in Chinese society at the time, from working class people to nobility.

Earlier dolls are slightly taller than dolls made later, with eyes slanted just a bit more and sometimes with bound feet. Later dolls do not have bound feet and their eyes can be larger.

Some popular Door Of Hope Dolls include:
Various Man, Woman or Child
Amah (Nursemaid)
Children (Pair)
Female Mourner
Grandfather or Grandmother
Kindergarten Kid
Male Farmer
Male Mourner
Man In Cloth Outfit
Man In Straw Outfit
Manchu Woman
Schoolgirl or Schoolboy
Small Girl
Table Boy
Young Boy
Young Girl
Young Man
Young Woman

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