Gebruder Ohlhaver Dolls – History, Information

Gebruder Ohlhaver started his doll factory in Sonneberg, Germany in 1897 or 1913 depending on the source. In 1913 he had ball jointed dolls for sale. The owners of the company, Jonny Paulas, Gerhard Ohlhaver and Hinrick Ohlhaver used their names phonetically spelled backwards for their “Revalo” trademark.

These character dolls had quaint, slender faces. The doll heads came from several porcelain factories including Ernst Heubach, Gebruder Heubach and Mengersgereuth. Some distinguishing marks were the “X” within a circle mark and “Igodi,” which refers to a patented swivel head invented by Johann Gottleib Dierich in 1919. Other marks include “Revalo,” “My Queen Doll,” “Bebe Princess,” “Germany Revalo,” and mold numbers 150, 151, 10727 and 11010.

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