Georgene Averill Dolls – History, Information

Georgene Averill made composition and cloth dolls in New York City from 1915-1965. The dolls were produced under the name Madame Georgene Dolls, Averill Mfg. Co., Georgene Novelties and Madame Hendren. Early dolls included dressed felt dolls, Lyf-Lyk, the Wonder line and the Mama Doll which was patented in 1918.

Some popular Georgene Averill Dolls include:
Animals – B’rer Rabbit, Fuzzy Wuzzy, Krazy Kat, Nurse Jane, Uncle Wiggly
Baby Georgene
Baby Hendren
Bonnie Babe
Brownies and Girl Scouts
Comic Characters – Alvin, Becassine, Dolly Dingle, Little Lulu, Nancy, Sluggo, Tear Drop Baby, Tubby Tom
Dolly Reckord
Mama Doll

Georgene Averill Doll Marks

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